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 [Theory] Greg and Amethyst's Past?

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PostSubject: [Theory] Greg and Amethyst's Past?   Tue Jun 21, 2016 11:39 pm

Youtube video provided below at end of the thread. A while back I had seen a video discuss how the song "Tower of Mistakes" could also be interpreted as also being about the mistakes made between Amethyst and Greg and her regret for it. I thought it was an interesting and maybe plausible theory, especially considering the rough feelings there seem to be between Greg and Amethyst (noted in the video below).

I think it's easy to see it just from the first line, "Maybe you're better off with her, I think she's better for you" which can go both ways with it meaning Garnet or Greg. I know the song's lyrics could be pretty vauge because I first heard it before seeing the episode and considered that it was either about her feeling like she's losing her friendship in Steven or maybe even...about her and Greg. The lyrics could really reflect on how she feels about what she did to Greg from the episode "Maximum Capacity", particularly the scene in the video above.

Anyway here's the actual video:

So what are your thoughts?
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Members Diamond

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PostSubject: Re: [Theory] Greg and Amethyst's Past?   Wed Jun 22, 2016 7:33 am

Hmmmm. I disagree with the idea that the song with Tower of Mistakes is more about Garnet but I can see how it can be applied to other characters. The whole "Sardonyx segment" however dealt with how both Pearl and Amethyst feel very insecure abut themselves and they find comfort and strength with Garnet. And both Pearl and Amethyst obviously get very out of hand when they're fused with Garnet because they're still overcoming their insecurities.

I think at some point in the past, Amethyst and Greg were friends. Maybe even best friends (Perhaps Amethyst has a knack for making human friends because she also had Vidalia). They found things to bond over (like Little Butler) but it came crashing down because now Rose is gone (thanks to Greg). I think Rose was like a mother to Amethyst and with the loss of Rose meant a loss of a mother and friend for Amethyst. She's placing all her frustration on Greg and thus torments him with shape shifting into Rose (hence why he's uncomfortable with her shapeshifting). Amethyst's best friend took her mother away, essentially.

Do I want to take it a step further [than a kids show]? I think both Greg and Amethyst had misplaced feelings and had a very...messed up friendship after Rose. I think that though Greg was left with Steven, Greg and Amethyst may have had misplaced affairs. I think Greg used Amethyst's shapeshifting abilities for her to turn into Rose and...well, you can figure it out from there. Which may have caused a lot of emotional distress on Amethyst for a variety of reasons.

With Steven existing in the world, I think they sort of tried to rebuild by venturing into their old stuff they were into. However because it was old stuff, stuff from when Rose was around, it brought up negative feelings for Amethyst and then for Greg because of Amethyst.

She's not wrong in her song - she does make a lot of mistakes and she is very insecure. I'd argue even more insecure than Pearl. Amethyst is slowly developing and I can see her and Greg repairing their relationship, but it needs to keep being revisited and explored as Amethyst keeps growing and healing.

All in all, it's some pretty dark and deep stuff. Nobody hates Steven, of course, but he's the reason why Rose is no longer around. I imagine dealing with such a situation is tremendously hard.


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Posts : 82

Join date : 2016-05-22

Age : 31

Location : South Louisiana

PostSubject: Re: [Theory] Greg and Amethyst's Past?   Wed Jun 22, 2016 1:48 pm

Whatever their relationship was like, it's pretty messed up because clearly she's hurt Greg before with the shapeshifting and its extra messed up that she shape shifted into his now "dead" wife/lover (did they actually get married or...?) I hope the show kind of digs more into it cause i feel its sort of a loose end that while it was resolved a bit in that episode, I don't feel they are fully resolved with each other yet and the show could explore that more but I'm not sure how far they could take it.

And in regards to the song, Yeah, in context of the episode its definitely more about her relationship with Garnet and being able to fuse with her, but I think it runs deeper than that. I think the whole thing also about the song is I guess the irony that Pearl is so perfect (to her) but at the end of hte episode Pearl messes up way more than Amethyst and in a much worse way.
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PostSubject: Re: [Theory] Greg and Amethyst's Past?   Fri Jul 01, 2016 11:20 pm

I think they could be a thing for a while but when it got too far they just stopped hanging out. It could be even have some beginning before Rose give up her form to bring to world Steven and got more instance and serious after Rose became half of Steven
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PostSubject: Re: [Theory] Greg and Amethyst's Past?   

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[Theory] Greg and Amethyst's Past?
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