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 Behind The Scenes

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Lapis Lazuli
Roleplay Diamond
Lapis Lazuli
Roleplay Diamond

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PostSubject: Behind The Scenes   Fri Jul 01, 2016 12:10 am

Hello! Welcome to Crystal Gem Universe's RP section! Grin Strawberry

This area is the Backstage! This is the place where members can throw around their RP ideas and get feedback from other members! Smile Strawberry

There are just a few rules to follow when posting in this area and they are as follows:

Keep the forum rules in mind. This means be respectful, don't swear, don't harass other people, and just be an all around nice person. We will not tolerate any negativity or hostility towards each other on this forum, and that includes the RP section.

When giving out criticism, be constructive. If your comment on a person's idea is simply to point out why it doesn't work, you're not being constructive. If you see a plot hole or a detail that needs to be changed to fit the canon or the person's idea, then point it out but also try giving them helpful ideas or tips to fix the problem. Help the person expand on their idea and flesh it out so that when it comes time to RP it, there won't be any hiccups.

Make your comments helpful. This area is meant to be a place for members to get help expanding their ideas and if the only comments being made are "Wow this is cool!" or "This is an interesting idea." then that isn't happening. It's ok to be positive and make nice comments but make sure they are paired with helpful ideas! Smile Strawberry

That's it! Now go out and get those creative idea running! Grin Strawberry
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Behind The Scenes
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