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 Steven Universe 3/19-20 Bismuth

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Members Diamond

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PostSubject: Steven Universe 3/19-20 Bismuth   Thu Aug 04, 2016 3:59 pm

A little bit early BUT WOW WHAT AN EPISODE! SO many things. Just so many.

Seeing a war veteran, an original Crystal Gem. Seeing, technically, an equal to Jasper in terms of mentality. Wow. And on our team.

Though, the way Bismuth repeated Rose's words felt...wrong... Like...they were forced and she didn't fully mean what she was saying (which, she obviously didn't because she didn't think Rose meant them).

I knew there was something wrong with her as soon as I heard the eerie sound with her title card. That and why else would she be in Lion's mane? I had guesses, along with others, and most of us (99%) of us were WRONG.

I want to say, I totally understand where Bismuth is coming from in her gem shattering weapon. I totally get it. She's sick and tired of the war and Homeworld and just wants to protect her friends and fam. Totally understandable. She's tired of seeing her own shattered.

I ALSO understand why Rose kept bubbling Bismuth a secret. I DO NOT THINK it was because Rose "does not care for Bismuth". No no no no no. People are going to use this as fuel to say Rose is dark/evil etc. but that's not the case. She did it in case any other gems got ideas like Bismuth and wanted to use the gem shatterer too and thus cause an uprising in her own rebellion. Rose probably also didn't want to tell Bismuth's closest friends the truth and possibly paint Bismuth in a bad light or have them sneaking off to get her, etc. There's a number of good reasons and I stand by Rose and I still think she was a great, kind, loving, caring leader that ALSO cared for Bismuth.

It was very good and very important. I felt we learned a lot and got to see the extreme on the good guys' side as well. 10/10 for sure. And everybody was wrong on what was going to happen in this episode. There was no Lapis meeting Bismuth. No Peridot. No Greg. No Connie. Amethyst only felt meh towards Bismuth for maybe 11 minutes and then she didn't anymore. So. Everyone was wrong lol

Also: I'm pretty sure Bismuth was confirming that Rose Quartz, our Rose, was indeed made on Earth. Which would make a LOT of sense.

EDIT: It's VERY LIKELY we also learned Centipeedle's original name. She is probably a, if not THE Nephrite Bismuth was reminiscing about with Pearl.

Quote :
“Remember when we stopped that dropship? I’ll never forget the look on that Nephrite’s face when you pulled her out of the cockpit!”


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Lapis Lazuli
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Roleplay Diamond

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PostSubject: Re: Steven Universe 3/19-20 Bismuth   Thu Aug 04, 2016 6:54 pm

Confirmed that Rose Quartz is indeed a Quartz that was made here on Earth, which also explains a lot of why she felt a strong enough need to start the rebellion to protect the Earth. It was her home.

This really changes a lot of the perceptions we had towards Rose. Why she started the rebellion, why she was so interested in Humans, why she felt such a strong connection to the Earth and felt the need to protect it with her life and the lives if other gems. I also think this gives a new dynamic light to her and Amethysts relationship, considering they both come from the Earth. It may be why Amethyst feels such a disconnect from Garnet and Pearl, because they're from Homeworld and the 1 Gem who understood her true love for the Earth, her home, is gone.

I also thought maybe the Nephrite was Centi too. That would be very interesting and if she ever does get fully healed I wonder how she'll react to seeing Pearl.

I am in agreement with you that Rose made a very difficult decision in bubbling Rose and not telling anyone, but at the time it was probably the right thing to do. But I think after the war ended and it was only Garnet, Pearl, and eventually Amethyst left she should have explained what happened to her. Because then she didn't have to worry about a rebellion within her group considering most of them were gone. I think she should have trusted her remaining friends with the truth.

My heart bleeds for Bismuth. I wanted her to become a permanent addition so bad but it just wasn't in the cards. I loved her and Pearls interactions. I'm wondering if there wasn't some form of relationship between them in the past?


Heart Avi and Siggie made by yours truely! Heart
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Posts : 41

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PostSubject: Re: Steven Universe 3/19-20 Bismuth   Thu Aug 04, 2016 7:34 pm


This is now my new favorite episode. I'm still shaking from the intensity. This episode gave me such a frigging adrenaline rush. I give this a full 100/10, in all sincerity.

I love Bismuth now. I love her character because of how she changed in the course of episode. She starts out as this rough, cool character, but snaps, and turns into this crazed extremist. She went from being friendly towards Steven (and Rose) to accusing her of being a traitor to her own beliefs. And I love that sudden change. Also, her role as a blacksmith was really, really cool. The fact that Homeworld used human-like weapons (blades, axes, etc) is interesting. Pearl's fawning over her was funny and adorkable. #shipit

So yeah, this episode is now my new favorite (so far). Let's see where they take us next.

Still shaking from the pure awesome,
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PostSubject: Re: Steven Universe 3/19-20 Bismuth   Thu Aug 04, 2016 7:35 pm

I adored this episode.

Bismuth was amazing, how she interacted with the others, even with Amethyst, a stranger who wasn;t sure about her. Shes a new favorite character of mine.

She gave Ames a new weapon, not caring if she was a "runt" or even pointing that out. She was like "Hey girl, my treat, have a weapon"

Also, she showed promise to being a great member of the Crystal Gems...even after her toxic ideas came to the surface.

The intensity was amazing, you could see why Rose would have bubbled her. Breaking Gems that viciously was just...not right.

When Steven stabbed her, thats when Bismuth showed us another side...She was hurt. Rose just kept her from her friends for years, in a bubble. And when Steven said that he would tell them everything, she knew that he was different.

....I want her again. I hope that she comes back. She saw how bad she was, the weapon is destroyed, and Steven told the Gems everything. Maybe when she returns...things will be even better.

And Lion won't have a WTF face like when she climbed out of his mane. XD

May Bismuth return soon.
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Lapis Lazuli
Roleplay Diamond
Roleplay Diamond

Posts : 349

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Age : 24

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Favorite Gem : All of them <3

PostSubject: Re: Steven Universe 3/19-20 Bismuth   Thu Aug 04, 2016 9:15 pm

Yeah Lion's face when that happened was hilarious xD


Heart Avi and Siggie made by yours truely! Heart
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Mr. Clod


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PostSubject: Re: Steven Universe 3/19-20 Bismuth   Fri Aug 05, 2016 4:43 am

I wish all the episodes were 20 minutes long. So much information. Such great content.
Though I personally didn't like Bismuth. A new gem? A new crystal gem? Just like that?! Something's not right, I had a feeling she wouldn't last long. Perhaps she'll come back and her character can be explored in greater detail.
I was kinda hoping Peridot would appear and make Bismuth fly.
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Boulder Opal


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PostSubject: Re: Steven Universe 3/19-20 Bismuth   Fri Aug 05, 2016 1:43 pm

Bismuth said not all Quartz can make a whip like Amethyst's. Sorry if I quoted it wrong I'm pulling it from memory. Was this a compliment to Amethyst soldiers in general or to OUR Amethyst?

Bismuth was a really good neither white nor black character. She lies in the gray region in terms of morals and ideas. And the voice acting, superb.
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PostSubject: Re: Steven Universe 3/19-20 Bismuth   

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Steven Universe 3/19-20 Bismuth
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