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 ['Theory] Black Diamond

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PostSubject: ['Theory] Black Diamond    Fri Aug 12, 2016 1:03 pm

Found this gem on tumblr here

Ever since “Bismuth” aired and subsequent episodes revealed more plot details, I’ve been going absolutely insane trying to find answers to all of these questions I’ve had. (Spoilers under the cut)

Why did Rose shatter Pink Diamond? How and where does this fit into the timeline of the Rebellion that we’re familiar with? Did Bismuth know Rose shattered PD, or was she told by Garnet and Pearl before Steven poofed? 

Honestly, I’m not able to find many good answers to these. But by re-watching episodes and reading theories on Tumblr and Facebook, I’ve found something that I’m wholeheartedly hoping is true:

Black Diamond.

So the thing is, what parts of the show could anyone even possibly theorize that Black Diamond exists from? She’s never been mentioned–so what even would she be?

My theory is that Black Diamond is a fusion between the three existing Diamonds: White, Yellow, and Blue. The “nuke” put out by the Diamond Authority seems a little bit too, uh, OP for a single gem (yes, even White Diamond) to be able to utilize. 

Certainly one of the closest things we’ve seen to a “nuclear blast” of sorts is the gem missile Alexandrite shot off in “Super Watermelon Island” to separate Malachite. It’s nowhere close to the attack that the Diamonds shot out to end the rebellion and corrupt the gems, but it certainly shows that very powerful attacks are most likely the work of multiple gems in a fusion.

But how does one super-powerful attack denote the work of a fusion–and where do you even get the idea of a “Black” diamond from, anyhow?

The new Diamond Authority logo–the one that is used by modern Homeworld.

As you can see, the three diamonds are arranged in an anti-triforce logo, with a single point overlapping in the center into the shape of a black diamond. Since this symbol for the Authority was developed after the war, wouldn’t in make sense that their insignia honor Black Diamond, the summation of the complete power of the Diamond Authority, that ended the rebellion?

Further, during “Serious Steven,” the murals painted on the ruins show Rose Quartz blocking an attack from a Diamond; however, there’s something a little off about that Diamond…

She looks like White Diamond…but the gem that is displayed in the mural isn’t on her forehead–it’s on her chest. And after looking at the murals for Yellow Diamond and Blue Diamond at the Moon Base, it’s distinctly obvious that this Diamond isn’t them, either. So who could it be?

This statue appears in the very same episode–a quite triangular figure with its palms framing the gem on its chest, while another gem rests on top of its forehead. Around it rests of a bunch of pyramid shapes, that seem to move on its command–much like the figure in the mural pictured above. If the three current Diamonds were to fuse, their gems would only be in two places–the forehead and the chest…

I theorize that after Rose shattered Pink Diamond, the remainder of the Authority was consumed by grief for their fallen comrade and vowed revenge–but when destroying them handily in full-out war didn’t quite work the way they wanted, they decided to eliminate it once and for all by unleashing their ultimate attack: a blast sent out by none other than Black Diamond. As it was assumed that the blast destroyed the Crystal Gems fully, the fusion was honored as a symbol of the Diamond Authority’s supreme power by being placed in their insignia.

This is a lot of speculation on my part, but it’s definitely food for thought.

I find this theory to be pretty interesting especially because we saw centipeedle draw black diamonds which was an interesting choice of colour and one that I think was very deliberate. 


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Lapis Lazuli
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PostSubject: Re: ['Theory] Black Diamond    Fri Aug 12, 2016 5:39 pm

I've seen similar theories to this that point to Black Diamond being the one who sent out the corruption blast or song or whatever and I have to agree. They make a good point that sending out an energy big enough and strong enough to corrupt anything in it's path is too over powered, even for a Diamond.

I sincerely hope this theory is true!


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['Theory] Black Diamond
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