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 Hello, I am Rose Quartz

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Members Diamond

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PostSubject: Hello, I am Rose Quartz   Wed May 11, 2016 11:11 am


I am Rose Quartz, the founder of this Steven Universe forum. I am an avid fan (like you) and wanted to create a nice community for fellow Steven Universe fans to gather and discuss the show outside of Tumblr and Reddit. I am also the Members Diamond, which means:

- I am the head of welcoming members
- I will help you adjust to the forum
- I will answer any forum questions you have whether you're new or a full-fledged member
- I will be handling any member-based issues/concerns that arise
- You will find me chatting around
- I will foster the relationship between Diamonds and members
- As the founder, I also act as the head honcho of the other Diamonds, which means if you have any concerns or issues that arise with my team, you are to come straight to me so we can work things out (though, this shouldn't be an issue ^^)

I love all the Crystal Gems equally though I do admit Pearl does stand out in my heart. Rose Quartz is a fascinating character to me - she strikes me as Chaotic Good rather than Lawful Good as her fellow Crystal Gems will make her out to be.

Aside from Steven Universe, I love Pokemon and Sailor Moon. The Kingdom Hearts series I love to hate and hate to love. I do enjoy a good dose of Disney, too. I enjoy my superheroes, both DC and Marvel. I have a goal to get into anime and manga again as well as my books, but I can't seem to find to do them.
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Hello, I am Rose Quartz
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