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 Fiction: Escape or Moral?

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Posts : 41

Join date : 2016-07-05

PostSubject: Fiction: Escape or Moral?   Sat Sep 10, 2016 4:02 pm

The more I examine the inner workings of shows like Steven Universe, I find myself possibly delving into the collective psyche of the creators behind them. A part of each member of the staff is graven into the fabric of the show. And the more I examine and ponder, the more a question arises in my mind: Is fiction a form of escapism, or a way of teaching morals?

I am inclined to agree with the former interpretation, because I consider the world to be ultimately unhappy. People are by default depressing creatures, given the savagery which we show towards our brethren, and how acts of savagery outnumber those of good. Besides, people are always shoving their own morals in the faces of others; why should cartoons--fun, lovable, happy cartoons--do the same thing when they can serve to distract us from the melancholy of the world around us with their comedy? Why does the world of animation, which is bright and upbeat and adventurous, need to give us lessons? Why can't cartoons--and other forms of media, too--simply distract us from the overwhelming melancholy of our world? The poet Alfred, Lord Tennyson, said it much better in his "The Lotos-Eaters":

"Hateful is the dark-blue sky,
Vaulted o'er the dark-blue sea.
Death is the end of life; ah, why
Should life all labour be?
Let us alone."
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Posts : 31

Join date : 2016-08-18

Age : 18

PostSubject: Re: Fiction: Escape or Moral?   Sat Sep 10, 2016 4:19 pm

i identify with this so much i didnt think i'd ever find someone whom feels just as i
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Members Diamond

FounderMembers Diamond

Posts : 876

Join date : 2016-04-27

Age : 26

Favorite Gem : Garnet, Pearl and Peridot

PostSubject: Re: Fiction: Escape or Moral?   Sat Sep 10, 2016 5:42 pm

You can have both. The best stories and works have a great mix of lessons/morals and also serve as escapism. You can't get great character development and plot without exploring the complexities of morals, emotions, the psych, etc.

Steven Universe is so loved because it's an excellent mix of both. If it didn't have all the lessons and (good/positive) discourse, we would not love Pearl, Bismuth, Amethyst, Jasper, Lapis, Peridot, everyone really. We just wouldn't. And the story wouldn't be what it is.


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Posts : 75

Join date : 2016-07-25

Age : 20

Location : Minnesota, ey?

Favorite Gem : Connie (even though she isn't a gem aaa)

PostSubject: Re: Fiction: Escape or Moral?   Mon Sep 12, 2016 10:37 am

I wouldn't call fiction a way to escape reality, but rather an... experience, perhaps? You know the feeling; when you read a book with a horrible ending your day is worsened, when you watch a movie with a good ending or moral you are inspired, and even if you're trying to escape reality, sometimes a bad song can be the opposite of a good thing.

I think that fiction has many different purposes, entirely dependent on which book or movie you pick up and what the author made it into. Shows like Steven Universe (and any other kids show that can be considered good) are made not only to entertain, but to teach.

This might not be for everyone, but I personally like the way the episodes are set up. The entertainment part of the show makes me temporarily happy, but the lessons part, which oftentimes includes lessons on emotional intelligence, gives me the opportunity to cope with my day to day life and remain happy even after the TV has been shut off.
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Posts : 13

Join date : 2016-09-10

Age : 26

Location : Not with his family...

Favorite Gem : I can't choose!

PostSubject: Re: Fiction: Escape or Moral?   Tue Sep 27, 2016 5:51 am

I think I agree with S&R, fiction is an exaggeration and distortion of the reality that's already presented. Though there is a whole lot of bad in the world, art, in many mediums like animation, present to challenge and remind that there is more to that. Its easy to be cynical in a cynical world, but shows like SU can teach younger (and older) people about all the goods.
Specifically with this show, rather then an escapism , a lot of the times I feel like SU constantly tells the stories of very real people in the world with its diverse characters and conveying real messages from real people through a fictional world.
There is also nothing wrong with using these shows to escape when the real world is too much! But you can walk away with so much more if you take it and let it teach you those wonderful lessons Smile Strawberry
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Posts : 9

Join date : 2017-05-06

Age : 21

Location : Minnesota

Favorite Gem : Jasper

PostSubject: Re: Fiction: Escape or Moral?   Sun May 07, 2017 11:20 am

Thing about shows now days is that most of them don't teach morals... at least, that isn't the goal of the show. Almost all mediums teach something, but often times that is simply character development. They may go hand in hand but it isn't the same as a show trying to teach a moral. So it isn't as simple as "one or the other".

All medium, fantasy or otherwise, is about entertainment. I would exactly say "escapism" though because not all medium is meant as an escape. It's just meant to make our imagination run wild to make our lives more interesting... to but it extremely simply.

So is it for escapism? Yes. Mediums aren't for teaching morals. If that were so, Fifty Shades Of Gray would have to be taken as morally thought-provoking as The Bible.
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PostSubject: Re: Fiction: Escape or Moral?   

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Fiction: Escape or Moral?
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